Winter 2012 Progress Report: The Countdown Begins

Less than two months to go and the clock is ticking! Are there things you haven’t done?

If you haven’t purchased your membership yet, please go and do so soon! We are excited to let you know it is now possible to register online and pay for your membership with PayPal instead of sending in a check. Related: if you are interested in being on a panel, make sure you have a membership as we will only be sending out panelist questionnaires to members. Also related: membership prices are going up! Until the day of the convention, registration rates are $65. They will be $70 at the door. Please get your membership in now!

If you haven’t reserved a room, please go and do so right away! We are about to lose our room block and the prices for the block are really great this year. If you reserve a room later you will be paying a higher price. Related: Alaska Air has round trip faires from the Bay Area for the convention dates under a hundred bucks right now. Likely these prices will only go up.

If you haven’t sent in your Clarion West Auction donations, dig through your treasures and send email to chair (at sign here) potlatch-sf (dot here) org letting us know what you want to dontate. We’ll respond with an address to mail it to or (if you are bringing it with you) will add it to the auction catalog. Related: if you are a publisher or author who wants to provide something for the goodie bag, send email to the same address.

If you haven’t signed up for the ‘Taste of Clarion’ writer’s workshop (and want to), the cut-off date for applications is January 31. We are excited to report the estimable David Levine will be leading the workshop this year.

If you are a vendor and want a table, we still have some available for $90 (including one membership). Send email to dealersroom (at sign here) potlatch-sf (dot here) org and we will get back to you right away.

In other news, we can report the talented Freddie Baer is once again designing a T-Shirt for us. Prices will be $18 (s to xl) and $20 (xxl and larger). We will get a pre-order form up on the website soon.

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