Programming Questionnaires sent out

We sent out he Programming Questionnaires last night to all the Potlatch 21 members we have email addresses for. If you are a Potlatch 21 member and didn’t receive your questionnaire, please email programming (at sign here) potlatch-sf (dot here) org and let us know. If you are not a member, but do want to be on programming, then join right away and we’ll get a questionnaire out to you!

The deadline to get your questionnaire back to us is Friday, February 3rd, 2012. If you have knowledge about any of the potential panels, please respond with your interest — even if you have never been on programming for a convention before. Remember, Potlatch is about sharing equally: your knowledge, opinions, and ideas are as good as anyone else’s. We have no guests and only members can participate.

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