Potlatch 21 Programming Schedule

The programming schedule has been frozen. (Meaning we will probably change it at least two more times.) Panelist notification emails are going out soon.

So, what programming can you expect at Potlatch 21?




7:00 PM – A Spoonful of Sucrose

Science is wonderful, fascinating stuff, but it can be dry and boring if it isn’t handled right in a story. How much science in a story is too much? How do you weave science into a narrative? How far can an author stretch the limits of known science without straining credulity and credibility?


8:00 PM - Trivia Contest

Our trivia master, Tom Whitmore, will do his best to stump you. Come, form your teams, and try to beat the sansei at his own game.




10:00 AM - Walter Miller Reading

Walter M. Miller only completed one novel in his lifetime, A Canticle for Leibowitz. However, Miller was a prolific and respected short story writer.


11:00 AM - Collapse Fiction

A Canticle for Leibowitz isn’t the only book about societal collapse and rebuilding. Join us for a discussion of other books with similar themes. What other authors have done it well? How is collapse fiction changing as the threats to modern society evolve, from nuclear annihilation in the 1950s to the ecological and political threats of today?


12:00 PM - Lunch Break


1:00 PM - Historical Cycles

Societies have come and gone. The Roman Empire, Greek civilization, Chinese dynasties, the Aztecs and the Incas, they’ve all had their day. Our panelists will discuss the reasons for these historical collapses, and what lessons they have to teach us about our own society’s future.


2:00 PM - Book of Honor Deconstruction

A Canticle for Leibowitz, analyzed. The panelists will discuss the themes and merits of the book, and its shortcomings. And if Canticle had been written today, what other causes for societal collapse might he have envisioned? Would it have changed the book?


3:00 PM - Librarian Panel

Who are the real heros of A Canticle for Leibowitz? That’s right, librarians. So we are giving some real librarians a chance to tell us why librarians matter and what it is they do.


4:00 PM - The Author as Reader

If you’re an author, or an aspiring writer, how has it changed the way you read fiction or view television shows and movies?


5:00 PM – Dinner Break


7:00 PM - Blocking Writer’s Block

Tips and strategies to… uh… darn, I really need to write a description for this. Maybe tomorrow.


8:00 PM - Clarion West Auction

One of the main reasons Potlatch exists is to help support Clarion West. Come to the auction and combine your personal support for Clarion West with a chance to bring home something really cool.


9:30 PM - Post-Apocalyptic Survival Skills

What are the most valuable skills for surviving a collapse of society? What are the most important skills for building a new one?




11:00 AM - Banquet


1:00 PM - E-publishing Panel

Publishing is going through tremendous changes. What does this mean for writers, for readers, for booksellers, for commercial publishers? For books themselves? Can the little guy compete, or will big dogs fight to the death?


2:00 PM - Immortal Data

Storage media and technologies are changing constantly. How serious of a problem is this? How can we best preserve data and information so they are still accessible in the far future?


3:00 PM - Short Story, Novella, or Novel?

You have an idea. How do you decide its natural length?


4:00 PM - How We Pick a Book of Honor

Listen to a discussion of how past Potlatch committees have selected a book of honor, and give input into future choices.


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