Final Progress Report for Potlatch 21

Well, we are down to the one week mark.  Seven days of waiting and then forty-eight hours of intense discussion, tom-foolery, food, drink, swapping ideas, and seeing people you only get to see at Potlatches. Are you excited? We are.

Of course we are getting pretty tired as well: putting on a convention is hard work and the last few days are the hardest. Please take some time during Potlatch to help us out by volunteering. Our biggest need for help during the convention is in Hospitality and at the Registration Desk. Also we need people who will be available before and after the con for set up and tear down. If you can work at one of those jobs send email to chair [at sign here] potlatch-sf [dot here] org and let us know what times and for how long you will be available.

The Program Schedule is finished and can be found on our blog here.

Updated directions for getting to the convention hotel are available on our blog here.

The amazingly talented F. Baer has, again, designed a tour-de-force T-Shirt for us. Get a preview of her design on our blog here.

The banquet menu is posted to our blog here.

Pre-registration and sales of T-Shirts / banquet tickets closes on Monday, February 20th. If you don’t have your membership (or T-Shirt or Banquet Ticket) yet, go to our ‘Join Potlatch’ page and make yourself whole!

Want to follow us on Facebook? We are there as ‘Potlatch Convention‘.

Don’t forget to tell your friends you are going to Potlatch and encourage them to join you!

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